Call for Papers

The team of Linguistique balkanique are pleased to announce the forthcoming edition of The Glagolitic Script and Its Influence on the Balkan Cultures. 1160 Years Since the Creation of the Glagolitic Script by St. Konstantin Cyril the Philosopher – issue 2, vol. 62 (2023).
Submission deadline: 31 August 2023
Writing is a key factor in the development of any language. The creation of the Glagolitic script by St. Konstantin Cyril the Philosopher in 863 established the Old-Bulgarian literary language and enabled its enormous influence in the Balkans and in Central and Southeastern Europe during the Middle Ages and the Modern Era.
Linguisitique balkanique invites you to contribute to a special issue dedicated to this anniversary. We welcome manuscripts dealing with still understudied aspects of the impact this unique writing system has had in the Balkan context for the development of the Slavic Balkan languages in a new and multidisciplinary perspective. A broad range of investigations – both innovative as well as traditional ones – will be accepted, concerning topics such as common Balkan language features (especially in the lexicon), language contact-induced changes in either the Medieval or the present-day Balkan languages, and the theory and practice of Balkan language contacts, including current issues, to mention but a few.





In 2019 "Linguistique balkanique", Vol. LVIII, issue 1 & 2 are dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 

Starting with volume 58 (2019) "Lingusitique balkanique"  has been accepted for coverage in SCOPUS. 

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